About Our Products

Fashion for Babies, Kids, Teens and Adults:

In the wide world of fashion one name that has blazed a trail in all age group clothing segment is that of Aswa Exports Clothing. Aswa Exports is well known for providing highly customized and dependable solutions for every customer need.

Aswa Exports clothing is a full-service Clothing manufacturer specialized in world class and trendy clothing. What sets Aswa Exports apart from other vendors in the region is our ability to provide clothing solutions in both Hosiery and Woven, thus, giving our customers a wide range of choice. At present, the company is 100% export oriented

Track Record

Our Track Record:

For over a decade the company has been delivering International Standard clothing products to clients spread across the European Union with a majority of them in the fashion capital of the world “ France, Belgium, UK, Spain, Netherlands, etc.,

Be it the most detailed work, highly complex designs or the latest fabric, when our customers come with a requirement we always take up the challenge and deliver beyond expectations.

Aswa Exports Clothing believes in giving its customers more than 100% satisfaction in our work and also the peace of mind to be creative in Detailing, Complexity or Uniqueness of product.

Why Choose Aswa Exports as your vendor:

Aswa Exports clothing is the preferred vendor of choice for many world-renowned brands. The reasons for this are manifold including

  • High Credibility :
    Aswa Exports clothing has been consistently delivering credible services to our customers.
  • Choice:
    Apart from the fact that we are among the few companies which produce clothing in both Hosiery and Wovens, we are able to execute any kind of design and complex detailing in our products.
  • Experience:
    The team at Aswa Exports clothing has a combined experience of over 60 years in the industry and understands the various nuances of producing quality clothing products.
  • Young and Agile:
    Our experience combined with a young and energetic team that is constantly setting higher benchmarks in Quality, Design and Production, ensures that our customers are able to keep in step with contemporary changes in the world of fashion. Any design, any complexity we are ready for it!